Web Scraping by Jayesh Manani

Web Scraping

I build some awesome web crawler (spider, bot) which can scrape the data from the web and store it into the database and can be used for some analysis/machine learning work or some business intelligence purposes. I can automate the web crawling task which can be scheduled will scrape the particular data from time to time.

Data Analysis by Jayesh Manani

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

If you already have some useful data in the database, It can be useful for business intelligence purposes. I can help you get some useful insight from the data using data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms, apart from that I will also suggest you what are the other things you can collect to improve the business which will help you to analyse the trends and insight more effectively. I have used Machine learning algorithms for different type of classification (multiclass classification, multi-label classification, hierarchical classification) tasks in the real scenario, built a text analyser and much more.

AWS Services for Machine Learning by Jayesh Manani

AWS Cloud Services

I have experience in many AWS Services like (EC2, Lambda, S3, SNS, SES) and have used the services in many of the platforms.

Digital Marketing by Jayesh Manani

API Development

I know how to build API using Flask framework of python, and Also, I have build some to deploy the Machine Learning Models.

I like to play with data, analyse the data, built solution using latest technology which are very efficient and reliable. With improvement in technology and new research in the field I have to stay updated with the latest trends in the technology. So, I keep learning a lot about new technology and keep myself in loop and leverage the improvement in the technology for the benefits of the company as well as for self-growth.

Currently working developing the in-house solutions for various purpose and build and IT infrastructure for the Sameeksha Capital from scratch.


Python, Django, Flask 95%
Scrapy & Selenium 80%
Data Analysis & Visualization 70%
MySql, PostgreSql databases 80%
Google Cloud & AWS cloud services 85%
About Jayesh Manani

Jayesh Manani

Software Engineer


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July 2022 to Current

Werkstudenten (Software-Entwickler)

  • Working with Blickshift, company based in Stuttgart germany as Working student.

Sameeksha Capital

October 2020 to March 2022

Software Developer

  • At Sameeksha Capital I worked as a software developer (Python Developer) to build in house automation projects, softwares to do analysis and place orders, various features which are needed for the stock market related companies.
  • Write effective, scalable code
  • Develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
  • Upgrade software with new feature in Django and Flask based web app (In-house trade generation software)
  • Integrate user-facing elements into applications
  • Test and debug code
  • Improve functionality of existing systems
  • Implement security and data protection solutions
  • Assess and prioritize feature requests
  • Coordinate with internal teams to understand user requirements and provide technical solutions
  • Manage Google Cloud (App Engine, SQL, Cloud Functions, Compute Engine)
  • Version controlling using git
  • Database development and Maintainance
  • Build various web scraping scripts
  • Build various tools for data analysis and automation
  • Automate daily routine process for colleagues which can save our daily time

IIM Ahmedabad

July 2019 to October 2020

Research Associate

  • At IIM Ahmedabad I used to help the Prof. Samrat Gupta & Prof. Sanket Mohapatra in the research work, collection of the data, perform the various analysis on the data, to run the some algorithm for research work, develop website for data analysis & visualization and much more things.
  • At IIM Ahmedabad I also learned many new algorithms, soft computing methods, community detection in social media network using soft computing, Used new frameworks for website development like DJango and Flask with hghcharts.js, MYSQL Database. Explored about how research work can be done, tools that are being used during the work of research and much more.


January 2019 to July 2019

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineering

  • At Allevents.in I used to find insight, patterns and Trends from the data in advance which helps to grow in traffic & revenue. Also, built some backend modules using Machine Learning which can be helpful to automate the tasks & analysis work.
  • I build a duplicity detection model which do matchmaking using vector distance of the documents for finding duplicate documents and improve the listing.
  • Worked on the clustering the user based on their interests and other parameters. Which helps in targeted marketing for the promotion of some paid features.
  • Working on text multi-label, hierarchical classification using the Machine Learning approaches which classifies the particular text into a particular hierarchy of category.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

January 2020 to Present

Issued by Coursera

Data Science Foundations Specialist

January 2020 to Present

Issued by Coursera
Authorized by IBM

Data Science Professional Certificate

January 2020 to Present

Issued by Coursera
Authorized by IBM
Articles by Jayesh Manani on Medium

EGrasps - Medium Publication

I write here, How to do this/that things and some of the useful content which can be useful as a guide (Basics to start with) to the readers out there to start with python and build some awesome solutions. Check out Egrasps Publication on Medium. Also I write as contributor to the Data Driven Investors (DDI) Main website. Checkout My posts on DDI Website.

Sentimental Analysis by Jayesh Manani

Sentimental Analysis Using Twitter Data

Sentimental analysis of Twitter Data for a particular product/keyword. You can fetch the tweets related to keywords and also after analysis it will tag the tweet with negative, positive and neutral. So, which can be filtered and we can drive some change to our method or product according to suggestion and negative comments. Which help to grow business by making the positive changes to our product.

Decision Classifier Project by Jayesh Manani

Decision Tree Classifier - Weather Data

In this project, I used Scikit-learn to perform a decision tree based classification of weather data. Weather data is used is from location San Diego, California. Data was collected for a period of three years, from September 2011 to September 2014, to ensure that sufficient data for different seasons and weather conditions are captured. I have performed the use of the Decision tree classifier of the Scikit-learn library of the python and using the Decision Tree Classifier it will predict if there was a high humidity level or not based on some other weather factors.

Web Scraping Using Scrapy

In this project I have demonstrated the web scraping task from the website Craigslist and find some event list which are going to take place in the city mumbai. And then save the output to the file in the form of ,csv file. Find step by step guide to achieve this task.

Web Scraping Project by Jayesh Manani

Natural Language Processing

In this project, I have demonstrated the Natural Language Processing Of Movie Reviews using NLTK. Do the semantic analysis of the movie reviews out of 2000 reviews which are the words that decide that the movie is having a positive review or negative one. I used the Nltk library of python for the same. I used a Naive Bayes classification algorithm of the Nltk library with train data. Then test its accuracy using remaining test data. And resultant accuracy of the model is around 70 percentage.

NLP Project by Jayesh Manani

Text Similarity Analysis

In this project, I have demonstrated the web scraping using request, scraped the event data from some of the event listing platforms and then parsed the scraped data using Beautifulsoup. Then organise it into Dataframe and perform the text similarity analysis Gensim and Gensim's TF-IDF similarity checker based on TF-IDF (term frequency-inverse document frequency) and list out the unique titles of the events.

Text Similarity Analysis Project by Jayesh Manani